Gold Necklace

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Gold Necklace
Artwork from Suikoden


First game


The Gold Necklace (金の首輪, Kin no Kubiwa, Gold Collar) is a type of equipment available in Suikoden.

The Gold Necklace is a late game, powerful accessory which gives the wearer a very high DEF boost.


The Gold Necklace is a collar made of gold that is worn by kobolds. During the Gate Rune War this was one of the most potent pieces of defensive equipment available to kobold warriors. It was very rare, the only reliable source being from the remains of the Kerberos monster.


Gold Necklace (金の首輪, Kin no Kubiwa)

Effect DEF +25
Type Kobold accessory
Cost 17000 Potch
Drops Kerberos
Equipped No character comes equipped with this item.
Found Seek Valley (chest)
Sold No store in-game sells this item.


  • Erroneously localised as "Necklace", it is really a "Gold Collar" which makes much more sense considering its a kobold-exclusive piece of equipment.


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