Gezel Hyatt

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Gezel Hyatt
Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human

Gezel Hyatt (ゲセル・ハイアット, Geseru Haiatto) is a character who is mentioned in Suikoden III. Gezel Hyatt established the port in the city of Vinay del Zexay.


Gezel Hyatt is said to be the driving force behind the founding of the Zexen Federation. He was originally a trader in deer antlers and was so successful he amassed a substantial fortune in a single generation.

Choosing to invest his wealth in private property, he built a port in the town of Vinay del Zexay, thus increasing its prosperity even further. This led to an increase in trade which would serve as the catalyst of the establishment of the Zexen Federation in 420.


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