Georg Prime

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Georg Prime
Star of Destiny Teni Star
Georg Prime (Suikoden V).png
Illustration Yashioka Sho
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 41 (Suikoden II)
29 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 420
Voice Koyatsu Hisanori (Suikoden V)
Jamieson Price (Suikoden V)

Georg Prime (ゲオルグ・プライム, Georugu Puraimu) is a central character of Suikoden V who first appeared in Suikoden II and Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1. Ranked as one of the world's greatest swordsmen, Prime is a wandering swordsman who has participated in many wars over the years.


Early life

Born in the year 420, his birthplace unknown, the earliest records of Georg Prime place him fighting alongside respected friend, Ferid, prior to the year 446. During a particularly fierce battle, Georg made the error of lowering his guard on his left side, allowing an enemy soldier to inflict damage to his eye. Although Georg's life, as well as his eyesight, was saved by Ferid's quick intervention, following the incident, Georg took to wearing an eye patch over his left eye, to remind himself of the price of overconfidence in battle.

Records of Georg Prime's movements following this battle are non-existent up until the year 446, where the warrior, already gathering fame for his abilities, aligned himself with Barbarosa Rugner in the Scarlet Moon Empire's War of Succession. Georg's ability in battle led him to be titled as one of the nation's Great Generals. Although Prime left his position, and Scarlet Moon, following the war, his promise to Barbarosa fulfilled, his fame still lingered in the area.

From here, records are patchy, although it is known that between the years 446 and 449, Georg traveled to the Grassland, where his skill with a blade earned him another title, Knight of the Ebony Moon.

Suikoden V

By the year 449, Georg Prime resurfaced again - this time in the Queendom of Falena. He became one of the nation's elite Queen's Knights, under the invitation of his old friend and Queen's Knight Commander, Ferid. By this time, Georg's skills were refined to the point that it was believed that no Queen's Knight, with the possible exception of Ferid, could contest with Prime in a battle without the use of runes.

Unbeknownst to most everyone else, Georg had been summoned to Falena by Ferid for a specific reason. If his wife, Queen Arshtat Falenas, were to fall irreversibly under the influence of the Sun Rune, Georg was to murder her in order to prevent the possibility of a recurrence of the Lordlake Uprising; Either on the same, or a much larger, scale. Eventually, this came to pass with the Falenan Godwin Faction's coup on the royal palace. With Ferid killed, Arshtat now had no checks on the Rune's influence, forcing Prime to kill her by running his sword through her back.

Following the deed, Georg attempted to escape the Sun Palace, presumably to flee the country. However, he encountered the Prince of Falena, his bodyguard Lyon and Arshtat's sister, Sialeeds and decided to accompany them, helping them to escape Sol-Falena. As the murder of Arshtat was witnessed by several Godwin soldiers, Nether Gate assassins as well as Queen's Knights Galleon and Miakis, it was no surprise when the Godwin administration placed a bounty on Georg's head for the murder of Arshtat. Although friends and allies assumed Georg's innocence, Prime himself never attempted to exonerate himself of any guilt.

His status as a fugitive and reputation in tatters, Georg remained undercover for much of the Sun Rune War, aiding the war effort in ways other than wielding his sword such as performing low-profile tasks like assisting in the evacuations of towns when need be as well as gathering mercenaries. Early in the war, he also traveled to Sable in order to keep an eye on the Armes Southern Mountain Corps.

Georg eventually returned to the base of the Prince's headquarters at Ceras Lake, intending to report on his activities to strategist Lucretia Merces. However, he was confronted by Queen's Knight Miakis, who had recently joined the group. Firmly accused of the murder of Arshtat by a loyalist witness for the first time, Georg left the headquarters without saying a word.

While faith in Georg Prime's motives were shaken by the accusation, many in the loyalist army held the view that the situation could not have been as simple as Miakis had stated. Therefore, Galleon's explanation of the full sequence of events was met with great relief by all concerned. However, Prime himself did not rejoin the loyalist forces in full capacity until after he helped free Gordius from control of the Godwin Faction, detaining a messenger of Dolph's who was to order reinforcements to come to Gordius to capture the Prince and his companions.

In the closing stages of the civil war, Georg escorted Zweig's group through the Sindar ruins located in the far northern Ashtwal Mountains, his swordsmanship helping to protect his group from the monsters that roamed within.

Suikoden II

Following the war, Prime made the decision to leave Falena, stating that his crimes would not allow him to stay as, after all, he had indeed murdered the Queen of Falena. Removing his eye patch, his comrades were shocked to discover that Georg had the use of both his eyes, although there were clues before hand that this was the case. Leaving Falena, Georg returned to the northern continent where he continued to make his way as a soldier, earning more fame and titles.

Nothing is known of Georg's deeds until ten years later, in the year 460, when he traveled to the City-State of Jowston just as the Dunan Unification War began in earnest between Jowston and Highland. Located in Muse at the time of the Highland occupation of the city, it was Georg Prime whom helped the doctor, Huan, escape the city, allowing him to journey freely to South Window to offer his services as a medical officer in the New State Army struggling against Highland following the collapse of the City-State.

Prime later encountered the leader of the New State Army, in Lampdragon Pass, the border pass between Two River and Tinto. There, he agreed to fight for the hero's cause as long as he never gave up his own. As skilled as ever, Georg proved to a valuable officer on the battlefield for the remainder of the war. Whereas in Falena, Georg was seen as a man with a sense of humour, by this time Prime was a much more serious man, prone to speaking on virtue and determination. His one real quirk remained his passion for cheesecake.

With the Dunan Unification War over and his agreement with the hero fulfilled, Georg Prime vanished once again without trace, his current whereabouts unknown.

Game info

Georg Prime (portrait).png Recruitment When your castle is at Level 3 or higher, following plot events in Tinto City, talk to Georg in the Lampdragon Pass between Drakemouth and Tigermouth Village.
Info Level Type W Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
Hero head.png +10 2H sword 12 Male M S B1 1 No
Weapon Level 1 Kaze Equipment Head Helmet
Level 5 Tsuki Body Light armour
Level 11 Kumo Other Male
Rune slots Head Right Left
Never available Level 1/Killer Rune Never available
Elements Fire Water Earth Lightning Wind Holy Darkness Gate  ???
E E D E E E E E 3
War ATK DEF ATK+ DEF+ Skill 1 Skill 2
11 8 -- -- Critical --
Starting Equipment Head Full Helmet Other Cheesecake 6
Body Silver Armor Lock.png
Shield Can't equip


Georg is the German or Scandinavian form of George. The origin if the name lies in Greek, derived from γεωργός (geōrgós) meaning farmer. His Japanese spelling implies that the name is pronounced in the German and Scandinavian way ([ɡeːɔʁk]), wheras the voice actors of Suikoden V pronounce it the English way ([dʒɔː(ɹ)dʒ]). Its popularity as a name comes from the myths about St. George, who is known as a dragon slayer in Christian mythology.

Prime is an English adjective for first in an order or of highest importance, stemming from Latin primus meaning first. As such, it's an attribute widely used in a lot of fields, such as mathematics (prime numbers) or music (the prime being the tonic/key note of a musical scale). Georg is one of the few characters in the Suikoden world to have a last name which shows his high social status he gained as a warrior throughout the years.


Georg wields a two handed sword in both Suikoden II and Suikoden V. In the Japanese versions of both games, the name of the weapon as it upgrades changes to 風 (Kaze, Wind), 月 (Tsuki, Moon), and 雲 (Kumo, Cloud). The English localization of Suikoden II uses the Romanization of the Japanes enames, whereas the localization of Suikoden V translated the names into their English meaning. The weapon names most likely reference an old-fashion Japanese idiom, 月に叢雲華に風 (Tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze, As clouds to the moon and winds to the blossom) which basically means Good times won't last long.[1]


  • You can see Georg's picture as one of the original Six Great Generals in the US Suikoden Instruction Manual.
  • Georg lives up to his nickname "Deathblow Georg" in Suikoden V by having a randomly occurring instant death strike, this is when his regular attack glows red and there is an "electrical" sound. It is not controlled or activated by a rune of any kind. Sometimes (and during boss battles) the attack simply does about 4x damage.



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