Gate Rune War

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The Gate Rune War (門の紋章戦争 Mon no Monshō Sensō), also known less grandiosely as the Toran Liberation War (トラン解放戦争 Toran Kaihō Sensō), is a civil war between the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Liberation Army in the Toran region. The events of the war form the setting of the original Suikoden.


453 saw the establishment of the Toran Liberation Army by Odessa Silverberg. The establishment of a formal movement to resist the Scarlet Moon Empire sparked more open dissension and disarray, marking the beginning of the Gate Rune War.

Odessa would fall in a surprise attack on the Liberation Army hidehout in Lenankamp. From there, the son of Teo McDohl, one of the Empire's Five Great Generals would take over the mantle of leadership. After several years, the war would end in 457 with the fall of Gregminster.

The Toran Republic would be established in the wake of the Scarlet Moon Empire's defeat.


The war was named the Gate Rune War, due to the presence of both Gate Rune bearers, Windy and Leknaat, in the war, offering supporting to the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Liberation Army respectively. Typically, it is simply called the Liberation War, or Toran Liberation War.


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