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Star of Destiny Chisyu Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 35
Birth Year SY 423

Gaspar (ガスパー, Gasupā) is a character in Suikoden and Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1. Gaspar is a gambler who specialises in the game of Chinchirorin.


“ A lucky man can do anything. I'll throw my chips in with you. ”

Gaspar was an underground gambler and avid Chinchirorin player who ran his operations in Kaku. Frustrated at losing access to Tai Ho, his best customer, he would challenge the hero to a game of Chinchirorin. Losing, Gaspar was suitably impressed by his bravery at gambling, becoming of the leader of the Liberation Army and decided to take a gamble on him, joining the army.

Gaspar thought of life and gambling as the same thing and the Gate Rune War was the gamble of a lifetime. As a man, he entrusted his life to luck, choosing to always live dangerously. He opened up a Chichinorin stall at Toran Castle during the war. There he would sometimes win and sometimes lose great amounts of potch but always without complaint, believing it to be the way of the world and the nature of gambling.

The fall of the Scarlet Moon Empire saw Gaspar win again and he moved his business back to Kaku.

Game info

Gaspar (portrait).png Recruit Talk to Gaspar in the basement of the Kaku bar when your castle is at level 2 (20+ Stars recruited) and win at least 5,000 bits from him in Chinchirorin.
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Invulnerable Defense Charge 10 14 4


  • Losing to Gaspar when trying to recruit him will cause him to refer to the "God of Dice." This is one of very few references to any form of deity in the series.
  • Gaspar's easily exploitable "double or nothing" feature when gambling with him makes him the perfect source for party funds.


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