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Star of Destiny Chizen Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 31 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 418

Fuyo (フヨウ, Fuyō) is a minor character in Suikoden V. Fuyo is the hard working clerical assistant, and surrogate mother, to the members of the Oboro Detective Agency.


Fuyo is the daughter of a wealthy merchant's family. When Oboro first started his detective agency, Fuyo was his very first client. As Oboro, along with Sagiri and Shigure, were chronically inefficient (but still highly skilled) at the time, after her investigation was over, she came back to work with them, getting disowned from her family in the process. Due to her family, she was skilled in accounting and clerical work. Oboro once remarked that without her, the agency would never have survived.

When Oboro eventually told Fuyo of the group's shady Nether Gate past, she didn't leave, but chose to stick around, saying that she wanted to work with the others as a family for Sagiri and Shigure's sake- the two having suffered severe psychological trauma during their time in the organisation. In SY 449, the agency was hired by Lucretia Merces to investigate the Barows involvement in the Lordlake Uprising two years prior.

Following the revelations revealed by the organisation, Oboro and his agency moved to Raftfleet until the Prince requested they join the Imperial City Recapture Army- a request they agreed to, except for Sagiri who eventually reconsidered following her encounter with Nakula. Fuyo worried about the tense situation between Nakula and Shigure but wished the two could get along while they both stayed at Ceras Lake. She also wanted to cultivate a family relationship between the agency members, giving them something they never had in their childhood. She would spend her free time playing the card game, Feitas.

After the war, Oboro left the agency to Fuyo before heading to Nagarea. She continued to work to keep the detective agency up and running, along with Shigure and Sagiri, as well as Oboro and Raven on occasion.


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