Founder's Site

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The Founder's Site (始祖の地, Shiso no Ji) is a location seen in Suikoden V. It is a glacial area within the Ashtwal Mountains of far-northern Falena.


The Founder's Site is the name given to the large glacial area in the Ashtwal Mountains that spreads out once you exit the secret passage hidden behind the fountain's sliding door in Lunas. To the rear of this area are ruins belonging to the Sindar civilisation.

The final battle between the Prince and Marscal Godwin, who had become enthralled by the Sun Rune, took place in these ruins.


  • The Founder's Site is only used in the Japanese version of Suikoden V. In international releases, the term is supplanted by the Ashtwal Mountains moniker in all relevant locations and labels.


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