Fortress of Lorimar

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Fortress of Lorimar ロリマーの城塞
Rorimā no Jōsai
Map description
Lorimar location.png
Location of Fortress of Lorimar in Toran.
The Fortress of Lorimar (ロリマーの城塞, Rorimā no Jōsai) is a citadel which separates the regions of Lorimar and Kunan.


As the fortress checkpoint between the regions of Kunan and Lorimar, the Fortress of Lorimar became the target of the Toran Liberation Army once it was noted as being poorly protected by Liberation Army intelligence. On arrival at the fortress, it was revealed that it was, in fact, entirely empty with only several dug up graves suggesting anything unusual.

It would transpire that Neclord, who had been appointed magistrate of the Lorimar region had transformed his men into zombies and skeletons. The executioner Kirke could be found at the fortress, muttering about being put out of a job by Neclord, until his recruitment by the Liberation Army.

Before its evisceration by Neclord, the fortress was known for its robustness, making it a strong checkpoint between the two regions.


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