Fortress of Kwaba

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The Fortress of Kwaba (クラバの城塞, Kuraba no Zyousai) is a fortress which appears in Suikoden. It functions as a defensive citadel for the Imperial capital of Gregminster as well as a border checkpoint between the regions of Arus and Gouran.


The Fortress of Kwaba adds to the defensive line surrounding the capital, Gregminster and was considered vital to that purpose. The fortress was also the site of decisive battle of the War of Succession and separates the regions of Arus and Gouran.

The fortress was administered by General Ain Gide during the Gate Rune War, who had let the hero pass through during his escape from Gregminster as a favour to his father, Teo McDohl. The fortress was abandoned after the fall of Shasarazade, with a path already cleared to Gregminster, their forces falling back to protect the capital.


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