Fortress of Garan

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Fortress of Garan ガランの城塞
Garan no Jōsai
Map description
Garan location.png
Location of Fortress of Garan in Toran.
The Fortress of Garan (ガランの城塞, Garan no Jōsai) is a fortress which appears in Suikoden. It is a citadel located between the regions of Kunan and Gouran.


The Fortress of Garan, although visually resembling a stone bridge, is an internal citadel dividing the regions of Kunan and Gouran. As the only connecting point between the two regions, its strategic value was said to have been very high. During the early stages of the Gate Rune War the fortress was closed, with travellers forbidden from passing through.

Following the defeat of Kwanda Rosman and the addition of the Flik's forces to the Toran Liberation Army, Garan was attacked by the Liberation Army and quickly fell.

Following the disastrous First Battle at Scarleticia Castle, the Liberation Army regrouped at Garan before deciding on a reconnaissance mission in Kunan.


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