Forest of Illusion

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The Forest of Illusion (迷いの森, Mayoi no Mori) is a location in Suikoden.


The Forest of Illusion is part of the Great Forest, located in the region of Gouran. When the Great Contract was signed many years ago, the Six Wise Men of the Forest erected barrier magic in order to isolate the area. Because of this barrier, non-human races such as kobolds, dwarves and elves were not well known to the public.

Located at the entrance to the Great Forest, the Forest of Illusion's barrier magic ensured that human wanderers would make no progress in the woods. The barrier magic could be circumvented with the aid of an elf. The area flourished and animals thrived without the presence of human development. However, Lukie Ende Towayo was the key to this magic and it was destroyed during the Gate Rune War. Following the war, more and more humans have been entering the Great Forest.


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