Floating Garden

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Floating Garden 空中庭園
Kūchū Teien
Floating Garden.png
Map description
Gregminster location.png
Location of Floating Garden in Toran.
The Floating Garden (空中庭園 Kūchū Teien, Hanging Garden) is a private garden located atop Gregminster Palace. It is also the location of the final battle in the original Suikoden.


The Floating Garden at Gregminster is adorned with many flowers and other plants. Emperor Barbarosa himself sometimes strolled in his garden on sleepless nights. It was one of the favourite places of his late wife, Claudia, and Barbarosa would spend time here to ease his loneliness.

The Floating Garden is also the only known location for the rare black dragon orchid. By the end of the Gate Rune War, Barbarosa considered his garden to be all that remained of his empire. Following his defeat, Barbarosa leaped from atop the garden with Windy in his arms.


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