Flame Champion's Hideaway

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The Flame Champion's Hideaway (炎の英雄の待つ地, Honō no Eiyū no Matsu Ji) is a location in Suikoden III. It is a cave located north of the Chisha Village.


A secluded cave located to the north of the Chisha Village, the Flame Champion's Hideaway is surrounded by steep rocks. In the back of the caves lie Sindar ruins, accessible through magical wards laid in place by the Flame Champion. Only those who the Flame Champion admits can use this magic to travel to the deepest areas of the ruins.

In the deepest reaches of the ruins, there is the place that Sana and the Flame Champion had lived together in, prior to his death. It is in this location that the Flame Champion had sealed his True Fire Rune.


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