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Star of Destiny Tenson Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Dragon horse
From Dragon Horse Lair

Flail (フレイル, Fureiru) is a minor character in Suikoden V. She is a powerful dragon horse and the mount of Rahal.


Flail is a female dragon horse who serves as Rahal's steed. She is known to be as powerful as they come and also possesses great reflexes. Rahal and Flail bonded soon after she was born and the two grew up together in Gordius. Like Rahal, she is considered very pretty and carries herself with a certain dignity and poise.

Considered to be 'as one' with Rahal on the battlefield, the two were always side-by-side, save for a brief period during the Sun Rune War, where Rahal and Roog joined the Imperial City Recapture Army without the official permission of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry, requiring him to leave his mount behind at Sauronix Castle. Following the Dragon Cavalry's formal entry into the war, the pair was reunited, proving invaluable in battle alongside the rest of the organization.

Regarded as very pretty amongst the dragon horse community, the males often fought over her, although the issue over who would get to be her mate was put on hold during the war. She's also noted to have a beautiful voice. When Rania heard her "lowing," it moved her to tears, although it was Rania's special skill for hearing things outside the normal range that allowed her to hear whatever it was that moved her so.

Following the war, Flail celebrated Rahal's promotion to Commander of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry by taking leave to lay an egg, with Lance being the father. Following this, she returned to action alongside Rahal.


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