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The Fire Spear (火炎槍, Kaen Yari, Flame Spear) is a an effective anti-cavalry weapon designed by the dwarves of Toran and developed by the Toran Liberation Army. A large weapon, the Fire Spears needed to be transported by boat[1] and were a heavy load[2]. The power of the Fire Spear was said to be incredible[3].

The Toran Liberation Army purchased the blueprints from the Dwarf Mines[4] and built the Secret Factory in order to build them[5]. Though they served little practical use to the Toran Liberation Army at the time of the purchase of the blue prints, the plans for the Fire Spear were put into action in order to aid the Toran Liberation Army in taking the Scarlet Moon Empire on when it grew large enough to support it[6]. When Toran Castle was attacked by Teo McDohl and his Armored Cavalry, the Liberation Army travelled to the Secret Factory in order to reclaim the Fire Spears and use them in battle against Teo McDohl. The Fire Spears burned down the Armored Cavalry, resulting in a victory for the Toran Liberation Army[7].


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