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Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 36 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 413
From Island Nations Federation
Family Arshtat Falenas (wife)
Bernadette Egan (sister)
Hero (Suikoden V) (son)
Lymsleia Falenas (daughter)
Skald Egan (father)
Six unnamed siblings
Voice Fujiwara Keiji (Suikoden V)

Ferid (フェリド, Ferido) is a main character in Suikoden V. Ferid is the husband of Queen Arshtat Falenas, Commander of the Queen's Knights and the father of both Lymsleia and the game's protagonist.


Ferid was the Commander of the Queen's Knights and Grand General of the Falenan Army. He was also the husband of Arshtat Falenas, the Queen of Falena. He was the eldest son of Admiral Skald Egan of the Island Nations Federation, thereby making Bernadette his younger sister. He was also a close friend of Georg Prime, the two having fought together as mercenaries, and had in fact rescued Georg's eyesight due to his quick intervention during a battle when Georg made the mistake of lowering his guard on his left side.

Ferid first met Arshtat when the young princess was travelling overseas. The two quickly fell in love and when Arshtat's Sacred Games were held Ferid travelled to Falena and entered the tournament, fighting with his own sword rather than hiring a gladiator, as was common with Falenan aristocrats. Much to the surprise of many Falenans, Ferid won the tournament, winning Arshtat's hand in marriage along with the Games. This fact also caused much discontent amongst the Godwin and the Barows Factions.

A great warrior, Ferid was also a key figure during the Armes Invasion, fighting on the front lines of the war as Commander of the Queen's Knights. However, the war took a heavy toll on Falena, as many lives were lost - including many of the Queen's Knights that Ferid had commanded. However, despite this, Arshtat and Ferid's popularity sky-rocketed, as Falena managed to repel the Armes invaders despite their weakened state. Taking advantage of their popularity, Arshtat and Ferid made massive political reforms, including disbanding Nether Gate and curbing gladiator abuse.

During the Lordlake Uprising, Lucretia Merces advised Arshtat to take possession of the Sun Rune, in order to prevent it from being seized by Marscal Godwin. Slowly, the Sun Rune began to take over Arshtat’s mind more and more. After realizing that Arshtat's continued bearing of the Sun Rune would eventually cause her to be driven insane by the rune, Ferid travelled north, and brought his friend Georg Prime to Falena to serve as a Queen’s Knight. The real reason behind this was that Georg was to kill Arshtat should she lose her sanity while in control of the Sun Rune, in case Ferid was otherwise incapacitated. Georg reluctantly agreed after being informed of this reason, already several months into his position as a Queen's Knight.

During the engagement ceremony of Gizel Godwin and Princess Lymsleia, the Godwin Army laid siege to the Sun Palace at night. Though the royals had prepared for the Godwin's attempt to seize power, they were unprepared for the resurrected Nether Gate attacking the palace, eventually breaking into the room wherein Arshtat, Ferid and other Queen’s Knights were. As soon as a bowman attempted to snipe at Ferid, Arshtat used the Sun Rune to incinerate him, which eventually drove her mad. Ferid attempted to calm her, but this time, she used the Sun Rune on her own husband and killed him, devastating her when she managed to regain control of herself for a few seconds. However, the Sun Rune quickly reinforced its control on Arshtat, and she began to prepare to destroy all of Falena. Georg was forced to fulfil his vow to Ferid, killing Arshtat in order to prevent her from doing greater damage.

Ferid was seen once more, following the defeat of the Sun Rune, along with the souls of Arshtat and other Falenan nobles by his son following his defeat of the Sun Rune Incarnation.


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