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Star of Destiny Chisu Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 17 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 432
From Rainwall, Queendom of Falena
Family Faylen (sister)
Voice Irie Takeo (Suikoden V)

Faylon (フェイロン, Feiron) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Faylon is an orphan from the streets of Rainwall, making his way through life as best he can with his sister, Faylen, and friend, Roy.


Faylon is an urchin from Rainwall and the older brother of Faylen. Although he is older than both Faylen and Roy, he usually defers to their judgement, viewing himself as not a very smart person. He is a gentle, polite young man, even when engaging in banditry with his friends.

During the Sun Rune War, Roy was offered a job by Euram Barows: to smear the name of the Prince by impersonating him and committing acts of banditry in Sable. Faylon was also to take part in the scheme, disguised as Georg Prime; however, this part of the plan was cancelled after Faylon accidentally ripped the costume when trying it on, due to his large size.

Eventually, the Prince travelled to Sable to investigate the rumours and stop his name from being besmirched, infiltrating the bandit's hideout on Ranro Mountain. Due to the strong resemblence between the real prince and Roy's prince costume, Faylon easily confused Roy with the Prince and welcomed him warmly. His sister Faylen quickly corrected him and the duo tried to stop the Prince before he could reach Roy. Following their capture, the group agreed to help the Prince uncover Euram's plot. Afterwards, Roy was asked to join the Imperial City Recapture Army as a body double for the Prince and agreed, upon the condition that his friends be released. Although the Prince granted this request, Faylen and Faylon agreed to fight with Roy rather than leave after restoring the stolen goods back to the people of Sable.

While serving in the Recapture Army, Faylon became worried about being a good brother and sought out help from other older brothers, including the beavers Maroon and Muroon. From Maroon, Faylon got the idea to ask Luserina about what Euram was like as a big brother, as he intended to do the opposite of Euram's example. Being the most modest and moral of the group, Faylon often apologized to the Prince for Roy's actions whenever Roy donned his princely disguise and caused trouble.

After the war, Faylon followed his sister, who was chasing Roy, to the northern continent. He eventually ended up in Roy's troupe and used his physical prowess to help build stage sets.


  • If the Prince does not recruit Faylen and Faylon before the New Armes Kingdom begins its assault on Sable, the siblings will both perish in the invasion and be buried in the cemetery at your castle.


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