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Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Arshtat Falenas (daughter)
Haswar (niece)
Kauss (husband)
Olhazeta (mother)
Shahrewar (sister)
Sialeeds (daughter)

Falzrahm (ファルズラーム, Faruzurāmu) is a background character mentioned in Suikoden V. She was the second daughter of Queen Olhazeta prior to the Royal Family Succession Conflict.


Falzrahm was the sister of Shahrewar and the mother of Arshtat and Sialeeds. She was also the second daughter of Queen Olhazeta, making her second in line to throne of Falena behind her sister.

However, over the years, backed by the Barows Faction, Falzrahm would try and usurp her sister, undermining her claims to the throne. When their mother died, their feud turned into a bloody succession conflict, rife with assassinations and murders, including Falzrahm's husband, Kauss. Eventually, Shahrewar would tire of all the bloodshed and would cede the throne to her sister.

Falzrahm, paranoid and not trusting her defeated sister, would have her assassinated by Nether Gate soon afterwards. As Queen, she would arrange the marriage between her second daughter, Sialeeds and Gizel Godwin in order to check the power of the Barows Faction. She would die in SY 440, only two years into her reign from illness. She was succeeded by her eldest daughter, Arshtat.


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