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Kimberly guarantees her part in the fake orders are perfect.
The Fake orders (ニセの命令書, Nise no Meireisyo, Fake mandate) were counterfeit documents commissioned by Mathiu Silverberg and created by Kimberly and Tesla in order to aid in a Toran Liberation Army mission to rescue Liukan from Soniere Prison[1].

Tesla, the scrivener, drafted the documents while Kimberly crafted the Imperial Seal which signified the document's authenticity[2]. Although the fake orders did give the infiltration team entry to Soniere Prison[3], Milich Oppenheimer did come to the prison in time to intercept their rescue attempt.


  1. "Commander Tir, what you see here are forged Imperial papers. Milich's signature, the Official Imperial Seal, it's all there, perfectly forged. With these papers, we can walk right into Soniere Prison. Please free Dr. Liukan with these." - Mathiu Silverberg (Suikoden)
  2. "I created this imitation seal myself. I guarantee its safety." - Kimberly (Suikoden)
  3. "Yes, sir, they are indeed, sir. Please enter." - Imperial soldier (Suikoden)
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