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Star of Destiny Tenkyu Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 29 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 447
Height 176cm (5'9") (Suikoden III)

Estella (エステラ, Esutera) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Estella is a mage given to almost compulsive levels of lying.


Estella's profile
“ She specializes in magic with her apprentice, Rody. Some find her annoying because she enjoys teasing people. ”

Estella is a magician who claims to be a student of the legendary Crowley. Although her talents are no lie, it is hard to determine anything about her due to her constant lying and teasing of others. She has taken Rody on as her apprentice and gets great joy out of teasing him with her lies and falsehoods.

She would encounter the Fire Bringer at the Alma Kinan Village and would send the group on a wild goose chase looking for an entrance to its all-male counterpart before agreeing to join. Kidd often fell for her lies, believing her bizarre origin story about being born from a rock 50 years ago, travelling to a country or location called Tenjik for an old magic book, and transforming the water imp Rody into a human being after they battled.

While at the castle, Estella would continue her habit of lying, but most people did not take much stock in what she said. She would write letters about Reed's hair, or how Hallec and Dupa were the same person, and generally horrible and/or dangerous advice on improving magic affinity. The highlight of these were suggestions to bury oneself in sand for Earth power, swim 20 laps in a bathtub for Water, and to be exposed to Bright's flame breath for Fire. If there ever was a purpose to any of this, it is not known. It doesn't even appear to be funny to her.

Following the War of the Champions, she would leave on a journey, apparently to find the 109th Star of Destiny.


Find Rody in the plaza of Alma Kinan and he will direct you to chat with Estella, who is resting in the inn. She will send you on a fool's errand to locate the "nearby" Gordius Village. Head into the next screen past the plaza and a girl will tell you she has never heard of the place. Return to Estella, she will ignore your input completely, then she and Rody will join you.


  • Estella's weapon upgrades as Ruby Ring II, Ruby Ring IV. The first one, plain Ruby Ring, is not seen without a cheating device. For that matter, what happened to the Ruby Ring III?
  • Estella participates in the Wizard Attack with Rody, which spends some of his MP for a flashy but completely useless 100 damage. She also participates in the Lovely Woman attack with Lucia and Yuiri, in which the trio blow kisses as the foes for damage somehow.
  • Estella can reach S level in Fire Magic, which is great with the Rage Rune she comes equipped with. She also picks up the unique magic skills Focus, Magic Repel, and Pale Gate Magic.
  • Estella's fanciful backstory as recounted by Kidd is merely the plot of Journey to the West, which is one of China's four great novels, along with the Shui Hu Zhuan, which inspired the Suikoden series.


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