Erk de Forever

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Erk de Forever
Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human

Erk de Forever (エーク・ド・フォーエバー, Ēku do Fōebā) is a fictional character who appears in Suikoden III. He is the hero of the Erk's Adventures series.


Erk is the hero of Ace's Erk's Adventures series, serialized on the wall newspaper at Budehuc Castle. He is the world's strongest adventurer.

In his story, Erk navigated several traps at some Sindar ruins before meeting, and teaming up with, the treasure hunter Marine. They are soon confronted by Erk's archenemy, Baker, who kills Marine but not before she confesses her love. Enraged, Erk kills Baker in combat. He then realizes that the treasure he found would bring Marine back to life, restores her and then the two flee the collapsing ruins.


  • Erk is a rather thinly disguised Mary Sue of Ace himself, down to the nearly identical first names (in Japanese, at least).


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