Elven Elder

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Elven Elder
File:Elven Elder.png
Gender Male
Race Elf
From Na-Nal Island

The Elven Elder (エルフの長老, Erufu no Chōrō) is a minor antagonist in Suikoden IV. The Elven Elder is the leader of the Na-Nal Island elven community.


Elven Elder
“ Humans are such an ugly, infantile race. ”

The Elven Elder was the leader of the elven community that lived on Na-Nal Island. He looked down on and hated humans as a whole and his suspicions of the race were only furthered when the humans of Na-Nal handed over the island to the invading Kooluk Empire.

In anticipation of an attempt to steal the fabled Elven Remedy, the Elder replaced it with a poison that afflicted the Kooluk stationed at Na-Nal, resulting in a retaliatory massacre of the humans by the enraged Kooluk.



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