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Elves (エルフ, Erufu) are a race in the Suikoden series. Several prominent characters in the series have been elves.


Elves are a forest-dwelling race known for their long lives and their pointed ears, which differentiate them from humans. They are also known to be skilled in the arts of magic and archery. One elf year is about equal to 1.5 human years and so it is not uncommon for humans to think that an elf looks young for their age.

Elves tend to cherish vegetation and life, especially in forests and mountains. Elves are traditionally exclusionary towards other races and it is rare to see elves participate in mainstream human society but this attitude is slowly changing in some areas.

One traditional home for elves was the Village of the Elves, atop the giant tree Lukie Ende Towayo, located in south-eastern Toran. However, it was destroyed during the Gate Rune War. A colony of elves also existed on Na-Nal Island, in the Island Nations.


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