El-Eal Fortress

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El-Eal Fortress (エルイール要塞, Eruīru Yōsai) is a location which appears in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. It is a large stronghold located on the southernmost tip of the Kooluk Empire.


El-Eal Fortress was an enormous fortification on the southern tip of the Kooluk Empire, comprised of five levels; four floors and a single basement. As the fortification was built into the cliff side, it was extremely hard to attack or invade by sea. In addition, a gigantic rune cannon was also constructed there, making it a true symbol of the military power of the Kooluk Empire.

It was the site of the final battle of the Island Liberation War. After being successfully infiltrated, the fortress collapsed following the defeat of the Giant Tree, leaving only the foundations left.

The fortress was apparently at the beginning of reconstruction by the Empire just prior to the final collapse of the Kooluk Empire.


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