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Mathiu Silverberg relates the importance of the Earrings, Odessa's memento.
The Earrings (イヤリング, Iyaringu, Earring) were a memento of Odessa Silverberg. In her last moments, Odessa asked McDohl to deliver the earring to Mathiu Silverberg in Seika[1].

Mathiu at first refused the earring out of a wish to not be involved in Odessa's revolutionary ideals[2] but even after deciding to become the strategist of the Toran Liberation Army, he still refused[3], noting that the earring showed the location of the Liberation Army's hideout[4]. Believing that Odessa wanted Tir to succeed her as leader, Mathiu pressed Tir into keeping the earring and taking up the mantle of leadership[5].


  • The English localisation refers to the item as 'Earrings' even though the Japanese item name, as well as the script in both languages, make it clear that there is only one earring.


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