Dwarves' Vault

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Dwarves' vault ドワーフのきんこ
Dowāfu no Kinko
Map description
Dwarves' vault location.png
Location of Dwarves' vault in Toran.
The Dwarves' vault (ドワーフのきんこ Dowafu no Kinko, Dwarf Vault) is a giant safe located north of the Village of the Dwarves. It contains many dwarven treasures and blueprints.


The Dwarves' vault contains many of the dwarves greatest treasures and technology including the Running Water Root, Burning Mirror and Firewind Cannon. It is located to the north of the Village of the Dwarves because it was too large to build within the village[1].

The vault was infiltrated by Kage who stole the plans for the Burning Mirror, delivering them to Kwanda Rosman[2]. Despite this, the Chief of the Dwarves did not believe the vault could be infiltrated by "sluggish" humans[3] and challenged Hero (Suikoden) and his entourage to steal the Running Water Root from within to verify their story[4]. When the party succeeded, the Chief of the Dwarves grudgingly built the Firewind Cannon to combat Kwanda's mirror[5]. Following the Gate Rune War, Rock was hired to design a new safe for the dwarves, suggesting that the numerous infiltrations during the war brought doubt on the vault's security[6].

Along with the above treasures, it is also rumoured that the vault holds a weapon to be used only at the end of the world. It is unknown if this is true or a result of the tendency of dwarves to exaggerate, however.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
Crimson Dwarf.png
Crimson Dwarf 23 250 600 Medicine x6 1.57%
Escape Talisman 0.78%
Death Boar.png
Death Boar 22 350 800 Fur Cape 1.31%
Boar Crystal 0.52%
Death Machine (Sword).png
Death Machine 25 150 550 Steel Shield 1.31%
Death Machine (Spear).png
Death Machine 25 170 400 Half Helmet 1.31%
Trick Crystal 0.92%
Gigantes 35 3900 300 Goldlet 0.78%
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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