Dunan Unification War

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The Dunan Unification War (デュナン統一戦争 Deyunan Touitsu Sensou) is a major war between the Highland Kingdom and the City-State of Jowston in the Dunan region. The events of the war occupy much of Suikoden II.


The Dunan Unification War broke out in 460 in the wake of a plot by Highland Prince Luca Blight to incite war by slaughtering Unicorn Brigade troops and blaming it on the City-State.

This war gave birth to the New State Army, following the collapse of the Jowston Alliance following the invasion of Muse City. The war also proved historically important as it saw the death of King Agares, the ascension of his son, Luca, to the throne and his swift usurpation by Jowy Atreides. Despite early advances by the Highland Army, including the capture of Greenhill City, the momentum shifted shortly after the establishment of the New State Army and the war concluded the same year with the fall of the Highland capital, L'Renouille.

The war would be ended with the annexation of Highland and the proclamation of a new Dunan Republic.


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