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The Dunan Monarchy (デュナン君主国, Deyunan Kunshu Kuni) was a country that existed across much of the modern Dunan region before the establishment of the City-State of Jowston. It is considered the predecessor to modern South Window City and South Window Principality.


The Dunan Monarchy was established in South Window City in the year 110 by Bernando. Although Bernando was said to have be a despotic ruler, it is said he created a firm foundation for the nation. The monarchy was said to have reached its greatest heights under King Beryl, three generations after its founding. The nation stretched from Two River Principality in the west to Muse Principality in the east.

Due to a lack of foreign threat (Holy Harmonia having no southern designs at this time), the military gradually weakened in stature. It had frequent border clashes with Muse Principality, following its independence in 185. Two River Principality also broke away in 212. Following this, the strength of the Dunan Monarchy was broken.

The nation limped on as a spent force until 250 when civil war broke out and the monarchy was overthrown by 252 with a mayoral position being established in South Window City. Sometimes the name of the Dunan Monarchy is used by armies since that time in order to invoke a sense of prestige.


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