Dukedom of Gaien

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The Dukedom of Gaien (ガイエン公国, Gaien Kōkoku) is a nation that forms part of the plot and back story for Suikoden IV and is mentioned in Suikoden Tactics.


The Dukedom of Gaien is a huge island country located in the south-west Island Nations. The country has a long history, especially notable is its many repeated conflicts with the north-eastern Kooluk Empire. Middleport was originally a Gaien territory and there was much bitterness from the nation over its past occupation by Kooluk.

A series of defeats to the Kooluk Empire would mark the beginning of a decline for Gaien's eastern forces. The Gaien colony of Razril was once home to the Knights of Gaien. When Razril was captured during the Island Liberation War, Gaien chose not to send any relief to try and liberate the occupied island, apparently out of a desire not to further aggravate tensions with Kooluk.

That colony would become independent following the Island Liberation War, becoming a member of the new Island Nations Federation.


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