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Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Voice Furushima Kiyotaka (Suikoden V)

Dolph (ドルフ, Dorufu), also known as Michafute (ミカフツ, Mikafutsu) is an antagonist in Suikoden V. Dolph is an assassin of Nether Gate, trained from birth to be a highly effective agent.


Dolph was a former member of Nether Gate, who was training alongside Lyon in his youth. Due to his assassin training he always has a blank look on his face and is unable to express emotions physically on his face.

During the Royal Family Succession Conflict, it was Dolph who carried out the assassination of Rosalind Godwin. So, when Nether Gate was disbanded following the conflict, Dolph was very much surprised when Marscal Godwin took him in as part of his new, secret Nether Gate. Determined to repay the Godwins for their hospitality, Dolph began to experiment with varying drugs in order to make him a better fighter and assassin. Eventually, the abuse grew to the point that he could no longer feel anything; after a while, his wounds stopped bleeding at all, making him an extremely difficult person to defeat in battle.

Under Gizel Godwin's orders during the Sacred Games, it was Dolph who supplied Marina with the Dark Arcanum needed to drug Belcoot in order to give Childerich victory in the tournament. He was almost spotted by Lyon, who like Dolph, had a heightened sense of awareness; however, he managed to avoid detection at that time. Assisting the Godwins in their attack on the Sun Palace in 449, Dolph fought alongside Childerich and together made their way through the palace. After an initial encounter with Lyon, wherein she refused to rejoin the reformed Nether Gate, Dolph and Childerich attacked her, Sialeeds and the Prince before being thwarted by Kyle and Zegai.

During the Sun Rune War, Dolph was sent to lead Nether Gate in their genocide of the citizens of Beaver Lodge. Although the attack was thwarted by the Loyalist Army, Dolph seemed unphased by the attacks laid on him, just like at the Sun Palace. Following this, Dolph became a liaison between the Godwins and Sialeeds, who had become convinced that the Prince lacked the conviction needed to secure lasting peace in Falena, resulting in her betrayal during the New Queen's Campaign. Dolph bought the time needed to escape by attacking Lyon, mortally wounding her. After Dolph's exit, Lyon was healed to stable condition by the Prince's Dawn Rune.

In the latter stages of the war, with Marscal taking the Sun Rune into the Ashtwal Mountains, Dolph guarded the chamber in which he stayed. When the Prince's group arrived, he duelled a now fully healed Lyon in order to finally settle their score. Lyon eventually defeated Dolph, but as expected, the assassin was unscathed. This time, however, Lyon called upon the power of her Twilight Rune, which she had acquired following the death of Sialeeds, thus ensuring that Dolph would be vanquished for good.


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