Dilber Novum

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Dilber Novum
Dilber Novum.png
Illustration Miki Sato
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 42 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 407
From Queendom of Falena
Voice Futamata Issei (Suikoden V)

Dilber Novum (ディルバ・ノウム, Diruba Noumu) is an antagonist in Suikoden V. Dilber Novum is a famed Falenan general who holds a fanatical loyalty to Marscal Godwin.


Dilber Novum was one of the Queendom of Falena's most powerful generals. Known as "Dilber of the West", he was considered the counterpart and rival of Boz Wilde, "Boz of the East".

During the Armes Invasion in SY 441, Dilber's unit was so enraged by the brutal tactics of the enemy that they deviated from Lucretia Merces' strategy and charged the enemy line. This would lead to Dilber being surrounded and it was only a valiant charge, led by Marscal Godwin that saved Dilber and his men. From that moment on, Dilber would consider himself indebted to the Godwin Faction, becoming their eternally loyal ally.

During the initial stages of the Sun Rune War, Dilber led the Godwin Army in its attack on Rainwall but would, with a little persuasion from Lucretia Merces, agree to a short-term alliance in order to rout a contingent of Armes troops lurking in the southern forests. Following this, Dilber was assigned to crush the burgeoning Imperial City Recapture Army along with Bahram Luger and Childerich. Maintaining his hard-line loyalty, he refused to question the appointment of Childerich to the Queen's Knights or his vicious tactics and treatment of both soldiers and civilians. Eventually, after the retaking of Doraat, Dilber was called back to Stormfist.

Toward the end of the war, he was cut down as the Recapture Army took Stormfist. Dilber never surrendered, even though he and a handful of men were the only ones left standing. He wished to protect Godwin Castle, Rosalind Godwin's resting place, to his last breath. But his efforts were not enough and he died on the drawbridge to the Castle, dying for the loyalty he prized so dearly.


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