De Beers

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De Beers
Gender Unknown
Race Human

De Beers (デビアス, Dabiasu) is a background character in Suikoden V. Lord De Beers is a Falenan noble and the Lord of Lelcar.


Lord De Beers was the Lord of Lelcar prior to the Sun Rune War. De Beers was a non-committal sort and sided with whichever faction in the Senate appeared to have the momentum at the time. This policy saw Lelcar side with various factions over the years, from Godwin to Barows as well as Rovere. This caused the town to become fractured as the citizens began to take sides with each faction. Interestingly, De Beers incompetence as a leader ensured that Lelcar never disintegrated into violence, as the citizens were united by their disdain for their lord.

In SY 449, Lord De Beers was represented in the Sacred Games by the gladiator Jinku. However, De Beers hopes of winning the tournament didn't last long, as Jinku was defeated in the first round by Belcoot. Later, during the Sun Rune War, once the Imperial City Recapture Army's influence began to extend near Lelcar, De Beers fled to to the Godwin stronghold of Doraat out of fear.

Once Lelcar allied with the Prince and preparations began to take Doraat, De Beers quickly fled once again, this time to Stormfist. However, as the war continued and it became clear that Stormfist would be under siege soon, De Beers fled once more, first to the Hershville Naval Base and then across the sea in a ship. Where De Beers fled to and whether the former lord would ever return to Falena is unknown.


  • Although frequently referred to with male pronouns, De Beers officially listed gender is "unknown".
  • De Beers never appears on-screen in Suikoden V and all information comes from NPC dialogue at various locations throughout the game.


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