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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Family Anabelle (daughter)

Darell (ダレル, Dareru) is a minor character who is mentioned in Suikoden II. He is the father of Anabelle and former mayor of Muse City.


Darell was the father of Anabelle and the predecessor of his daughter as mayor of Muse City and was raised in Muse, the center of the City-State of Jowston. Despite his fine upbringing, as mayor he was not able to prevent the invasion of the country by the Highland Kingdom in 428.

Although the disastrous beginning to the war was reversed by Genkaku, Darell was overtaken by envy and plotted against him. He coated Genkaku's sword with poison before his duel with Han Cunningham, forcing him to forfeit the bout, and Kyaro Town, to Highland. Darell subsequently had Genkaku exiled.

There also theories that sometime after the ceasefire with Highland, Darell had the caravan of Agares Blight attacked after he visited Muse City. Whatever the truth was, it is clear that Darell was skilled at underhanded plotting and concocting plots behind one's back.


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