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Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Human

Daisy (ディジー, Deijī) is a character from Suikoden II. She was a young woman from the village of North Window, targeted by Neclord.


Daisy was a childhood friend of Viktor who dreamed of being with him. In 449, she would be targeted by Neclord as his 65th bride. This was the reason the town of North Window was attacked. Viktor would rush to rescue her but was easily defeated. Thinking Viktor dead, Daisy threw herself on his sword in despair, committing suicide.

Once Viktor recovered, he would make graves for Daisy and all the other villagers of North Window. Years later, during the Dunan Unification War, Viktor encountered Neclord again in the ruins of the village. Neclord would conjure up a fake Daisy in an attempt to rattle Viktor but he quickly lopped its head off, revealing it to be an empty copy of the girl he knew.


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