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The Dahak (ダハーカ, Dahāka) is a ship in Suikoden V.


The Dahak is the largest heavy armour battleship in all of the Queendom of Falena. It was normally the center of Raftfleet, being linked to the other vessels with a series of wooden platforms, and served as the residence for Raja, the community's leader. The Dahak was build with a gear-run water wheel.

During the Sun Rune War, the ship would be detatched so as to become the flagship of the Imperial City Recapture Army's naval forces. In battle, the ship was supported by smaller river-going vessels adapted to warfare and would attack with a salvo of arrows from the large numbers of archers able to be positioned on the ship's deck. The ship was also impressively durable. When rammed by the Kulsasper, the Dahak took little damage, merely being slowed down by the assault.

Following the war, the Dahak once again became the center of Raftfleet's administration.


  • The Dahak's name is based on that of Aži Dahāka, an evil monster from iranian folklore. The monster has three heads, represented on the Dahak as three dragon figurines. It is eventually slain at the end of the world by the hero Kirsarsp, namesake of the Kulsasper.


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