Cray's son

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Cray's son
Cray's son.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 9 (At death) (Suikoden IV)
Birth Year SY c. 291
Height 140cm (4'7") (Suikoden IV)
Family Graham Cray (father)
Voice Iwaoka Mio (Suikoden IV)

Cray's son (クレイの息子, Kurei no Musuko) is a minor character in Suikoden IV. He is the unnamed son of antagonist Graham Cray who perished due to the Rune of Punishment some years before the beginning of the game.


Cray's son
“ Father, I just wanted to have some of your delicous bread, one last time. ”
The spirit of Graham Cray's son turns to ash in front of the hero.
The son of Graham Cray came into the possession of the Rune of Punishment when his father, the previous rune bearer, cut off his left arm to escape the curse, not realising it would target his son next. Following this, Graham would try and keep his son's rune a secret for his own safety, having him promise never to use the rune.

However, Cray's son would end up using the Rune of Punishment during the Man-Hunting Incident, destroying those nobles attacking his village and would die due to the rune's curse soon after. Cray would end up taking responsibility for the incident and be exiled from the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Years later, Cray's son would appear as a memory of the past to the newest bearer of the rune, after he used the power of the Rune of Punishment to defeat the Boss Crab living on the Deserted Island. The memory of Cray's son would apologise for using the rune against his father's wishes before wishing he could taste the bread his father used to bake one more time. The memory then turned to ash.


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