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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 11 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 299
From Kooluk Empire
Family Julius (grandfather)
Martin (father)
Miranda (mother)
Voice Ōmae Akane (Suikoden Tactics)

Corselia (コルセリア, Koruseria) is a major character from Suikoden Tactics. She was the Princess of the Kooluk Empire who became a target for several factions towards the end of the Empire's existence.


Corselia was the only child of Martin and Miranda and the granddaughter of Emperor Julius, making her a princess of the Kooluk Empire. Journeying with her mother, who was trying to leave her husband for Iskas, she saw and learned a lot about the poverty and hunger of the common people who made up the bulk of the Empire, instilling in her a great sense of responsibility and a deeply mature attitude that went against her age.

She would first meet Kyril in Merseto and would later join him to escape the clutches of Iskas, who wanted to use her to cement his coup attempt. Corselia was also determined to destroy the Evil Eye and to find a way to restore people transformed into Fishmen back to normal. As she travelled, members of the Imperial Faction tried to persuade her to return home, but her sense of responsibility only grew as she saw the evils plaguing the Empire. Her position also made her a target for Heinz, who wished to kidnap her for the benefit of Scarlet Moon but Corselia and Coop were able to prevent this.

Although she could come of as mature and austere, when interacting with children closer to her own age like Rene and Rita, she would become more open and act more like the child she still was deep down.

After defeating Iskas and ending the brief civil war in Kooluk, Corselia was in line to become the next ruler of the nation. Instead, seeing the destruction that the factional conflict had wrought, she chose instead to collapse the once proud nation. Following this, she would travel the land searching for Kyril, who vanished several years later, seemingly without success.


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