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Coronet Town (コロネの村 Korone no Mura) is a location which appears in Suikoden II. It is a port town which lies on the northern bank of Lake Dunan.


Coronet is located to the south of Muse City and lies against the bank of Lake Dunan. Due to its location, many traders and sailors live in this town. Fishing is the primary industry in Coronet, which has a population of 2,200.

Kuskus Town lies on the other side of the lake and, together, the two provide a link between Muse and South Window City. Because of this steady stream of travellers, Coronet has a large two-story inn, with the first story being a large tavern. The town also has a blacksmith.

After the fall of Muse during the Dunan Unification War, this town came under Highland martial law and ships were banned from leaving the port without permission up until its liberation by the New State Army.


Item Shop
Accessory icon.png Medicine
Accessory icon.png Boots
Accessory icon.png Antitoxin
Accessory icon.png Tunic*
Accessory icon.png Kindness Drops
Accessory icon.png Karate Uniform*
Accessory icon.png Shoulder Pads


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