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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 28 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 282
From Scarlet Moon Empire
Voice Sato Hiroshi (Suikoden Tactics)

Coop (クープ, Kūpu) is a supporting character from Suikoden Tactics. Coop was a soldier of the Scarlet Moon Empire working under Heinz.


Coop was a soldier of the Scarlet Moon Empire and the subordinate of Heinz. He had attended the Imperial Academy together with Andarc Bergman as a youth.

He had accompanied Heinz to the Kooluk Empire in order to investigate the surge of Rune Cannons in the region. There, they would meet up with Kyril's group and travel together for a time. However, when Heinz attempted to kidnap Princess Corselia in order to ransom her for Kooluk's rune cannons, Coop would stand against his superior.

After arriving in the Imperial City of Graska, Coop would side with Kyril against Heinz, agreeing that it was best to destroy the Evil Eye and the remaining rune cannons rather than attempting to bring them to Scarlet Moon, having learned of their horror as they journeyed together. This would cause a permanent split between Coop and Heinz and Heinz would die trying to leave the city alone moments later.

Personality wise, Coop was serious enough to compare with Andarc in that regard. He was also shocked when Roget pointed out that he had something of a dark atmosphere around him. Following the destruction of the Evil Eye, Coop would resign from military service.


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