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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human

Clift (クリフト, Kurifuto). also known as Clift the Crusader (聖戦士クリフト, Seisen Samurai Kurifuto) is a minor character mentioned in Suikoden. Clift is the founder of Warriors' Village.



“ This village was founded by Clift the Crusader following the Final Battle, and we are his descendants. ”

Clift is a legendary hero, known as the founder of Warriors' Village, founding the village after the event of the Final Battle. Warriors' Village defended the Lorimar region from Harmonian Invasion, which eventually led to Clift brokering a truce with Hikusaak which granted the Lorimar region autonomy.

Clift's mastery of both the sword and rune magic earned him the title of "Crusader" and he would remain a popular figure within Warriors' Village lore. Both Zorak and Tengaar traced their ancestry to Clift and new warriors in the village are typically designated as "sons of Clift the Crusader."


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