City-State of Jowston

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City-State of Jowston

Capital Muse City
Established SY 314
Dissolution SY 460
Rulers Alliance Leader
Unknown number of leaders
Unknown number of leaders
Anabelle (?-460)
Continent Northern continent
The City-State of Jowston (ジョウストン都市同盟, Jousuton Toshi Dōmei), also known as the Jowston Alliance or simply Jowston, was a nation located on the Northern continent. It is the setting for Suikoden II and also appears in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1.


Founded in the year 314, the City-State of Jowston was established at Jowston Hill in Muse City. The Jowston Alliance was signed by the three principal states that made up the former Dunan Monarchy, centered around Lake Dunan; South Window, Muse and Two River as well as the Matilda Knightdom, a military organisation founded by Muse which had gained its own independence.

The idea for the City-State came from General Jowston, who realized the need for a mutual alliance after repelling two attacks on Muse City from the Highland Army. The nation, however, is not named after the general but rather Jowston Hill itself. This was in response to criticism from the Matilda Knightdom about naming the new alliance after General Jowston.


The City-State of Jowston was located in the centre of the Northern Continent, around Lake Dunan. Jowston shared land borders with Harmonia, Highland, the Grassland and the Toran Republic. Its capital was Muse City, located in the nations main province, Muse Principality.


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