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Star of Destiny Chison Star
Illustration Hozumi Riya
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 23 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 426
From Rainwall, Queendom of Falena
Voice Goblin (Suikoden V)

Chuck (チャック, Chakku) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Chuck is a gentle giant and the resident gardener and storage keeper at Salum Barows's Rainwall residence.


Chuck is the soft-spoken, but physically strong storekeeper who worked under the Barows family. He was brought into the Barows household after his parents were killed during the Armes Invasion. Chuck stumbled into Lord Salum Barows' mansion and when the guards went to remove him, Luserina stood up for him. He eventually stayed with the family and in turn gave them his devout loyalty. As well as being the storage keeper for the family, Chuck was also their gardener. He tended to the Barows' trees and flowers, a task he enjoyed greatly. Although he was physically huge and strong, Chuck shunned the notion of violence.

After Salum Barows' theft of the Dawn Rune, Chuck was ordered to guard the basement where the rune was kept. Salum told the trusting young man that he was hiding a wedding present for Luserina. In 449, when the Hero arrived in Rainwall, Chuck assumed that Luserina was going to marry the Prince, a thought that filled him with no little excitement. Later, when the Prince and his group attempted to see if Barows' truly did steal the Dawn Rune, Chuck would not let the Prince or Luserina pass, as he had his orders. Chuck and the Prince eventually fought; even though Chuck had claws hidden in his gloves and proved to be a very tough challenge, despite his lack of experience, he was eventually defeated.

Shocked that Lord Barows not only lied to him, but also stole the Dawn Rune from the East Palace, Chuck abandoned the Barows family and went with the Prince, Luserina and their allies. He eventually became the storage keeper for the Imperial City Recapture Army.

Chuck was understandably spooked when the Book of Condemnation was placed in his storehouse when it began glowing during the night. In fact, he returned the book to the Prince the next morning, as he refused to keep it. He was also dismayed when the master thief, Raven, broke into his storehouse and messed it up during his attempt to steal the Aethelbald family tree. Chuck also entered an eating contest during his time at Ceras Lake Castle. However, despite being a strong challenger, he was no match for the ever-hungry Nikea. He later remarked that he had only been in one fight in his entire life (against the Prince in Rainwall) and that he hoped he would never enter into another one.

Following the Sun Rune War, he would move to Sol-Falena where he became the Sun Palace's storage keeper.


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