Chris Lightfellow

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Chris Lightfellow
Star of Destiny Tenbi Star
Chris Lightfellow (Suikoden III).png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 22 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 454
Height 172cm (5'8") (Suikoden III)
From Zexen Federation
Family Anna (mother)
Wyatt (father)

Chris Lightfellow (クリス・ライトフェロー, Kurisu Raitoferō) is one of the main protagonists of Suikoden III. Chris is the Acting Captain of the Zexen Knights who must try and reconcile her duties with her morals.


Chris' profile
“ Captain of the Zexen Knights. She is called "the Silver Maiden" and is treated as a heroine in Zexen. ”

Chris Lightfellow is the leader of the Zexen Knights and is often called the "Silver Maiden" and the "White Hero", both for her beautiful appearance and her terrifying skill with a blade. Although she can be overly serious, she has a gentle personality overall and is greatly trusted and respected both by her subordinates and the people of Zexen.

During a fierce battle against the Grassland clans, before the War of the Champions, the Zexen Knight commander Galahad was killed. It was Chris who rose up to rally the knights and win the battle. This impressive showing led to her being appointed deputy leader of the Zexen Knights. Although dedicated to her job and willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility it brought, the plots of the Zexen Council to provoke fighting in Grassland combined with the invasion from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia began to take its toll.

Becoming disillusioned, Chris would find out from one Nash Clovis that her father, Wyatt was still alive. She would leave on a journey to follow the trail of her father, defending the Chisha Village and eventually arriving at the Alma Kinan Village. There, she learned from Yun that the True Water Rune, the True Rune her father bore, was sealed. Learning that her father fought alongside the Flame Champion in times past renewed Chris' resolve to fight to protect the people, of both Grassland and Zexen. And so she would choose to fight alongside Hugo as he took up the mantle of the Flame Champion.

Once the Harmonian invasion began in earnest, Chris fought tirelessly as a member of the Fire Bringer. After a battle over the True Water Rune, Chris was reunited with her father one last time. Following his dying wish, Chris would inherit the True Water Rune and fight on in his name. As the war intesified, Luc temporarily managed to take the True Water Rune but fighting alongside her allies at the Ceremonial Site, Chris was able to reclaim her rune and helped to defeat Luc and end the war for good.

Although the peace won extended far beyond the borders of Zexen relations with the Grassland clans and Harmonia did not improve easily. Still, committed to peace and vowing to protect the people, Chris would go to receive further fame as Captain of the Zexen Knights.


  • Chris' weapon upgrades as Letzt, Stendich, Evich. All three are of German origin, being bad transcriptions of Letzte, Ständig and Ewig, which would make her weapons German for Last, Constant, and Eternal.
  • Chris learns the unique skills Heavy Damage and Parry, both of which can reach A level.
  • Chris can participate in the Knight B attack with any two of Borus, Percival or Leo. This only works when the party are mounted on horses.
  • Chris is the worst choice for Flame Champion when magic power and rune affinity is taken into consideration, as her Fire Magic rank maxes at C, whereas her Water Magic rank maxes at B+.
  • Due to her poor magic growth, she is never able to cast the Level 4 spell of any rune without the abuse of stat stones or the Level 99 trick.



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