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Star of Destiny Tenfu Star
Chiepoo (Suikoden IV).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Nay-Kobold
Age 19 (Nay-Kobold years)(Suikoden IV)
21 (Nay-Kobold years)(Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 289
Height 160cm (5'3") (Suikoden IV)
From Nay Island
Voice Itō Miyako (Suikoden IV)

Chiepoo (チープー, Chīpū) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. Chiepoo is a Nay-Kobold with grand ambitions to become a great merchant.


“ Nalkul and Champo are saying I'm some kind of hero! Isn't that cool? I wonder if those rumors started after I snuck off Nay Island...”

Chiepoo was a young Nay-Kobold who broke with the tradition of his village on Nay Island and left with the goal of becoming a great merchant. Filled with curiosity, Chiepoo had a bright and cheerful personality and eventually found some work in Razril.

However, when the hero was exiled, Chiepoo would stowaway on his boat, hoping to find somewhere new to explore and learn about business. Chiepoo would continue to journey with him as part of the Headquarters Ship crew for the duration of the Island Liberation War. He would spend the war learning about the specialties of every island the ship visited, expanding his business acumen. He was surprised to find out he was something of a folk hero to some on Nay Island, including Nalkul and Champo.

Once the war ended, Chiepoo continued to travel for a time before establishing his business, Chiepoo & Co., on the Deserted Island.


Keen You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Chiepoo Huh? What? If I confess to something, am I going to get punished?
Keen Would you secretly inform me about anyone onboard this ship who you think is causing problems?
Chiepoo Um...Um...M-Me, maybe? I don't know...
Keen Then, would you tell me what you think of Lazlo?
Chiepoo He's a good ally. Yeah.
Keen Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Chiepoo Something to apologize about? Nothing that I know of...


Chiepoo Yay!




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