Ceremonial Site

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The Ceremonial Site (儀式の地, Gishiki no Ji) is a location in Suikoden III. It is a Sindar ruin and the location of the final battle of the game.


The Ceremonial Site is a large Sindar ruin, located to the far north of the Great Hollow. As a structure, it is a series of passages centred around a square altar in the middle, where the Sindar conducted large-scale ceremonies.

During the War of the Champions, the Destroyers tried to destroy the True Wind Rune by placing the remaining elemental True Runes at the altar. The ceremony would then converge the runes power, destroying the True Wind Rune and causing immense destruction of the surrounding lands. These plans would be thwarted by the Fire Bringer.

Following the war, the Zexen Archaeology Association, including Rhett, would uncover many historical and cultural relics in the ruins. Ernie would uncover the Secret Zexen Ritual Inscription there.


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