Cave of the Past

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The Cave of the Past (過去の洞窟, Kako no Doukutsu) is a location in Suikoden. The cave is located at the back of the Qlon Temple.

The temple was rumoured to hide a secret and Fukien, the head monk at Qlon, revealed that a way to defeat Neclord was hidden in the cave. Allowing McDohl and his companions to enter the cave, they found the Star Dragon Sword who, upon being awoken, transported the party some 300 years into the past. Presumably, this time-travelling phenomenon is where the cave derives its name from.

The great wizard Crowley spent most of the Gate Rune War hidden here, isolating himself from the world. Hugo's War Scroll and Window's Window Rune were also hidden in this winding system of caverns.


Enemy Units
Name Lv HP Bits Drop
Banshee 41 1200 2200 Escape Talisman 1.96%
Graffiti 0.78%
Landscape Painting 0.39%
Clay Doll.png
Clay Doll 44 450 1500 Mega Medicine 0.92%
Full Armor 0.65%
Red Elemental.png
Red Elemental 42 80 1300 Speed Rune Piece 0.65%
Name Class Lv # Inventory


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