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Star of Destiny Chijyu Star
Carrie (Suikoden IV).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 20 (Suikoden IV)
22 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 288
Height 160cm (5'3") (Suikoden IV)

Carrie (キャリー, Kyarī) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. Carrie worked as Doctor Yu's assistant in his practice in the Kingdom of Obel.


“ Dr. Yu won't rest at all. At this rate, he'll eventually collapse. Please, warn him for me as well. ”

Carrie worked as Doctor Yu's assistant in the Kingdom of Obel and was entrusted with the prescribing of medicine to his patients. She held a great adoration for the doctor and worked hard to arrange his schedule so that he would avoid working without rest and damaging his own health.

She had been performing work for Yu when the Kooluk Empire occupied Obel and so she was trapped there until the island's liberation, after which she would join the crew of the Headquarters Ship, assisting the doctor in his work there. Always busy, she would prescribe and sell medicines at the doctor's office. She was usually cheerful, but she did wish that Maxine, who stayed in the same room as her, would help out sometimes.

Once the Island Liberation War ended, she would return to Obel with Yu and work at the free clinic he established there.

She would later join Kyril's investigation of the Rune Cannons by command of King Lino En Kuldes, serving as a medic. She also convinces Yu to join them as well and shows great concern for his condition.


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