Budehuc Castle

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Budehuc Castle (ビュッデヒュッケ城, Byuddehyukke-jō) is a location in Suikoden III. It is ostensibly common land, meaning that neither the Zexen Federation nor any clan of the Grassland hold sole dominion over it.


Budehuc Castle is a sprawling complex lying on the banks of a vast lake in the northern Zexen Federation. Due to only meagre funds being assigned to it, the castle was dilapidated and on the verge of becoming completely deserted. It was not considered a desired posting and many lords assigned to the castle had abandoned it soon after.

The appointment of Thomas as the new castle lord helped begin its rejuvenation. As the land was negotiated into becoming common land between Zexen and the Grassland in the past, Thomas was able to give property to those who wished to trade, regardless of race and nationality. Hearing of this, the Zexen Council declared the common land treaty invalid. The Council tried to take the land by force but Thomas was able to protect the castle thanks to the strategies of Caesar Silverberg. Following this, Thomas sold the land in his last days as Zexen-appointed lord to Lucia who would lease it back to Thomas for a token fee, thwarting the Council's ambitions.

Later during the War of the Champions, its strategic position led to the castle becoming the base of the Fire Bringer, attracting even more citizens and merchants to its walls.


  • Budehuc's complicated name is something of a small running joke in the Japanese version of Suikoden III (which is why you are given the option of renaming it). The localisation, while accurate, loses the somewhat redundant nature of the name.


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