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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 190cm (6'3") (Suikoden IV)
Voice Fujiwara Keiji (Suikoden IV)

Brandeau (ブランド, Burando) is an antagonist and supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics respectively. Brandeau is a pirate feared across the Island Nations for his ruthless nature.


“ This marks the end for you, too... ”

Brandeau was a pirate that was once a close friend of both Kika and Edgar, being called Edgar's left arm. He would often find himself being the voice of reason to Edgar's more passionate nature and was already to pass on his calm advice.

When Edgar decided to attack the pirate Steele, Brandeau and Peck would fight alongside him. After Steele was defeated, he would use the Rune of Punishment, killing Edgar and costing Brandeau his left eye. Brandeau would then inherit the Rune of Punishment from the dead Steele. With Edgar dead and Peck mutilated by the exploding Evil Eye, Brandeau felt he could not return to the Pirate's Nest and the two survivors would begin their own pirate band.

He would change, according to Kika, when he became the bearer of the Rune of Punishment. Following this, he would become a feared pirate all across the Island Nations region. His six-masted ship would become a symbol of fear for merchants and travelers in the region.

During the Island Liberation War, he would use the rune when he was finally cornered by the Protagonist, losing his life to the rune's curse.


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