Boz Wilde

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Boz Wilde
Star of Destiny Tenmou Star
Boz Wilde.png
Illustration Hozumi Riya
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 42 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 407
From Estrise, Queendom of Falena
Family Donna Wilde (wife)
Keith Wilde (son)
Kurtz Wilde (son)
Voice Goblin (Suikoden V)

Boz Wilde (ボズ・ウィルド, Bozu Uirudo) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Boz is the boisterous, good humoured Lord of Estrise and a famed military commander in Falena.


Boz Wilde serves as the Lord of Estrise and was an ally of the Barows Faction, considering Salum Barows a close friend. With his bright and cheerful personality and willingness to fight for what he believed in, Boz stood out from other more self-preservation focused members of the Barows Faction. He was considered a rival of Dilber Novum and was dubbed "Boz of the East", contrasting with Dilber's title of "Dilber of the West". Surprisingly, Boz prefers land battles to sea battles since, even though he's the lord of a port town, he can't actually swim.

A devoted family man, Boz has a wife, Donna Wilde, and two young sons, Kurtz and Keith. Only one incident slightly marred his marriage, when Donna asked him to change his hairstyle. Fiercely proud of his large mohawk, it was said that the resulting argument almost led to a divorce, although it seems Donna eventually accepted her husband's choice in hairstyles. Apparently, he also wanted all officers under him to get similar hairstyles, a notion that wasn't exactly popular amongst the troops.

Following the Queen's Assassination, it was Boz who encountered the Prince's fugitive party at Haud Village. He escorted them to Rainwall and readily fought alongside the Prince against the Godwin Army during their attempts to take Rainwall. Although he didn't like the idea of taking up arms against fellow Falenans, he did relish the chance to settle his rivalry against Dilber Novum on the battlefield. Therefore, he was disappointed when the New Armes Kingdom troops hiding in the southern forests were revealed, forcing an alliance between the two for that battle.

Following the revelations regarding Salum Barows involvement in the Lordlake Uprising as well his dealings with New Armes, Boz abandoned his long-time friend, as he realised that he had been taken advantage of the entire time. Continuing to fight in the Prince's Imperial City Recapture Army, Boz was sent to Sable along with Dinn in order to ensure that New Armes made no further moves following their routing near Rainwall. There, he and Dinn encountered Roy, the so-called 'Bandit Prince'. Boz was so shocked at the resemblance between Roy and the Prince that he actually called for "the Prince" to stop his actions. This faux pas led to the rumour that the Prince had become a bandit and this rumour spread through Sable like wildfire.

Once the incident was cleared up, Boz returned to normal service in the Recapture Army. Later, prior to the coronation of Princess Lymsleia, Boz organised the Prince's trip to Nirva Island to meet with Island Nations Federation Admiral Skald Egan via the Falenan ocean vessel, Elmelark. Later in the Sun Rune War, Boz and Dinn, who had now become regular partners in battle, helped lead the liberation of Sable from the New Armes Kingdom following the fracturing of its alliance with the Godwin Faction.

After the war, Boz turned his attention to improving the Falenan Royal Navy, expanding the port of Estrise, and developing maritime trade.


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